Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 14 of the 31 Days of Halloween: October 14th Baby Doll Head Platter and Siamese Twins Tutorial

Disclaimer: This in no way is meant to be offensive.

Items used:
2 Dollar Store Plastic Baby Dolls for Siamese Twins
$5 Trunk at Craft Store
Free Dirt in Yard
Dollar Store Tissue Paper
Dollar Store Foam Brushes Pack
$5 Midsize Baby Doll Head Found on Doll from Dollar General
$5 Glass Platter with Glass Topper at Craft Store
Packing Tape
Moss Leftover from 2013 Halloween Clearance

After purchasing the doll from Dollar General, I gave the accessories to my daughter. I then used the head of the doll and removed the headband.

I took modpodge and spread it all over the head. I then stuck pieces of tissue paper on it to look like fake skin hanging off (this also gives the dirt and moss something to hold onto). I then let dry overnight.

The next day I put another coat of modpodge on the paper and head and took it outside and rolled in the dirt. I then stuck pieces of moss inside the platter and on the head. After a few hours it was dry and ready to put inside the glass casing.

Now for the Siamese twins: I laid them next to each other and took off the inside arms and legs. I then put a coat of modpodge on their chest and stomach. The tissue paper stuck to the podge as I wrapped them together. I let dry overnight.

I repeated the same process as the head by spreading more podge around their now single body and rolled in dirt. The moss also stuck to the 2nd coat of podge. I wanted a creepier effect so I wrapped them in packaging tape. This also helped keep the moss and dirt attached. 

I added some moss to the bottom of the trunk and stuck them inside.