Monday, October 13, 2014

MLM thoughts........

Open mindedness. I pride myself on it so please have it while reading my next few lines. I recently read an article that went into depth regarding the success boom of MLM companies (multi-level marketing).
It did NOT mention Beachbody at all. In fact it didn’t describe one specific company that is live right now. It did speak about how these “alternative” styles of making a living are proving themselves in this otherwise corporate ladder environment we all have been climbing for years. It made me think back to the first time I heard of Beachbody. I hated that name-Beachbody. I thought it was the cheesiest name out there. I also thought it was a scam.
(If you are going to stop reading now, please keep going, I promise I am getting to the point). What I learned after joining was that this also is a business. A service. A job. So could I really make this into my full time job? Sure. Why not? Hundreds and thousands of men and woman are. Not because they are scamming people into buying something but because they are learning how to help people while helping themselves. You think if this stuff didn’t work or give results people would still buy it? Ok. Ok. People are easily influenced, I get that. Truly though, would there be that many coaches out there now that they are catching on how fulfilling this is?
We had a team call last night that talked about income. Funny side note: we NEVER have calls about income. Actually it may have been the first one? Someone correct me if I am wrong. Our team prides itself on fitness and health over income. It was a touchy subject for some. Money, sales, commissions, etc. tends to make people feel squeamish or sleazy. It shouldn’t though. If you are in this business, or any MLM business for that matter, you should be priding yourself on the services you offer. Be a great coach and that commission is justified.
Do you pay to get your nails done? Do you pay to have a therapist listen and analyze your problems? Do you pay to take an online course? Do you pay for a magazine subscription? If you are a coach out there or someone on the fence about coaching, think about your current 9-5 job if you have one. You may work your little butt off harder than the owner of the company yet your salary will always stay the same until your reviews come up. You could go months or years before it is time for a review/raise.
A real coach is a coach and not just a seller of a product. A coach motivates you right? A coach studies so they can offer you the most sound and legitimate advice, correct? 95% of the conversations most coaches, whether it be with Beachbody or an online personal trainer, live personal trainer, nutritionist, etc. have with people will never return a dime into their bank account. They still have those conversations to help people though.
Back to my main point about MLM ….. Think about it next time you hear of someone in MLM. When you go to a national retail store and buy a product you are buying something from a corporate company (in most cases). When you purchase something from someone in MLM, feel good about it. In a way you are helping the local economy. You may be helping a single mom’s life a bit easy now that she has a few extra bucks for her kids’ dance lessons or hockey games. You may be helping a college kid who is studying fitness who would rather be getting real world experience working with clients instead of slaving away at pizza hut.