Saturday, January 24, 2015

A little kindness can change your mood.........

Saturday story:
I leave a work stop pretty flustered and annoyed after experiencing some unprofessional and rude conversation. I turn on the turnpike behind this car that is slow as molasses. Traffic is building up behind me. I get stuck behind this vehicle at the ticket taking booth. 30 seconds passes by and I see the car go in park. What the hell? Then it dawns on me when I catch a glimpse of the driver. She is the tiniest older lady. She cannot reach the ticket. She is now flailing around trying to get it. Cars behind me are beeping. She goes to open her door but it is too close to the pole so she is stuck. I put my car in park and jump out to go get the ticket for her. When I turned to hand her the ticket she had tears in her eyes. She gave me the most lovely smile and said thank you dear. I was stuck bad. I am very sorry for the delay but I can't move like I used to. I ran back to my car and the anger and frustration from my earlier encounters disappeared. I need to remember that. When having a shitty day, just do one small thing for someone else and your day will turn around when gratitude is exchanged.