Monday, January 26, 2015

Fixin' February

Super pumped for 2 things.... Orange is the New Black coming back in June (yes I know June-who can even think that far ahead) and 21 Day Fix EXTREME (say that in your loudest wrestling announcer voice) releasing next week! I bring up June because the weather will be warmer, vacations will be happening, and you will NOT be wearing 101 layers.
You will be proud to rock that body no matter what the scale says. I will be ordering the 21 Day Fix Extreme and starting it immediately after finishing up Insanity Max: 30. I miss my weights and itty bitty baby containers (Wait until you see how much you can smash in those). 21 Day Fix Extreme will put those back in my hands!
I have compared both programs below because we are starting prep week in our new group next week! Now to participate in the group send me a message ASAP so we can chat about the plan. Don't think this is some quick fix because of the name. This program and group is going to teach you so much for your to use after the 21 days of the program as well. I plan on doing quite a few rounds of it. You may even gain some happiness and confidence from it as well. You never know until you try!