Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Insanity Max:30 Review and Results!

Whew. This was a doozy. Finished Insanity Max:30 on Sunday. 60 Days after starting the program. Month 1 was tough. Started right before Christmas and then came ...down with the flu. Hard. Didn't let myself quit though. By doubling up some days I was able to finish with the other 50 people in the group. 

 I want to highlight a few things about the program and my own personal results. 

 1. This program is great for anyone who has reached a certain level of boredom with at home workouts. It allows you to compete with yourself each week to beat your time from last week. If you max out at 5 minutes, well you still have to finish the full 30 minutes. Maxing out just means you had to take a break or had to break form. You go as hard as you can for as long as you can. 

 2. I enjoyed the Tabata routines. Those seconds of rest really helped in between.

3. The modifier saved me. I am not strong enough to do all of the moves yet nor did I feel 100% comfortable with the stress it put on my knees so I would modify. Let me just tell you though, modifying was not the easy way out or a cheat. I still sweat and still maxed out. 

 4. Yes, I gained 3 lbs but I wanted to be honest about that. This is why you always should take your measurements when you start and finish a program. A lot of people get frustrated when they don't see the scale move. Remember, the scale is just a number. 

 5. I did not follow the nutrition plan. I did for the first week and then got lazy and allowed myself to cheat. A lot. I am sure my results would be 10x greater if I had followed the nutrition plan.

 6. I started teaching live classes a few weeks after starting this program. Insanity Max:30 not only prepared me by increasing my endurance but also taught me a lot about my mental strength as well. 

 7. Lastly, in all honesty this was not my favorite program. I love the live version of Insanity (probably wouldn't have chosen to teach it if I didn't) T25, the 21 Day Fix (and now Extreme), and Les Mills Pump top my list but this comes in to round out the top 5. The only thing that kept me going was the group I was in. The motivation, the advice, and the accountability saved me. I could not have completed on time if it was not for that extra push. I highly suggest no matter what you do (at home workout, gym, etc) that you find an accountability partner or group.

I hope this was informative! Done and done! Now onto day 3 of the 21 Day Fix Extreme!