Monday, February 2, 2015

Pittsburgh Hometown Pride Just Became A Little More Fashionable

What is your favorite nail polish color's name?
Daisy Duke?
Emerald City?

How about Chipped Ham? Now, if you are not from Pittsburgh you may be asking yourself what the heck is "chipped" ham? Maybe you call it chopped ham where you are from.

Would you wear So Inclined? A lovely green polish that pays homage to not 1 but 2 inclines that transport "Yinzers" from the bottom to the top of a mountain and vice versa.

Pittsburghers wear black and gold in support of the city of champions' favorite teams year round and no matter what sports' season is in play. With the addition of the Pittsburgh polish line to Gridlock Laquer's collection, steel city nails just got a bit fancier.

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