Thursday, March 26, 2015

#3Reals Time to Get Real

I had an idea in the shower Tuesday  morning to start a 3 day/3 post stint for myself about being real. I was reading a case study on social media last week and a large percentage of people believe that the grass is truly greener in other people's lives due to what they post on social media. This depends on the type of the user; voyeur, average user, interactive, over-sharer, brand, etc. So let's get #real then. Today, tomorrow, and Saturday I will post something real that may not come through my usual posts. I encourage you to do the same with the hashtag #3reals  .
Today I am posting the quintessential no makeup post. I love filters just as much as the next chick. As someone who discovered photoshop as a class in college, I think they can be super easy and fun. As I get older I become more comfortable in my own skin. It took a while and yes, come on I'm still human and have insecure moments but not feeling good as me is an awesome thing. I encourage you to stop and take a selfie right now. Don't delete. Look at it and in your head (or even aloud) say "I am beautiful 3x." Fully commit and believe. Yeah it sounds cheesy, but just try it. You are you and you are the only you. That in itself is beautiful.