My Health and Fitness Journey

Hi! First of all, thanks for taking the time to check out the blog. I hope at least one thing you find on here will help you!

My name is Jessica and I am in my late 20s. I am a mama, a lyme fighter, and a go getter. By day I work as a Field Sales Representative for an E-Commerce Retailer. I love helping people reach their goals and I love helping people learn how to make lifestyle changes to improve their health.

I am a certified fitness instructor but am not currently teaching due to the battle with Lyme.

My story could go on for 100 pages as most individuals' can, but I will give you the cliff notes version.

I attended college and graduated after 3 and a half years with a degree in Communications Media. During months off from college I worked for a music tour traveling the country and after college I did field marketing for some fun brands. I thought I had to climb the ladder to be happy. I put everything into my job, my relationships, both personal and friends, and the energy to keep it all up and going. I went out a lot and ate a lot. I was not happy deep down inside though. I ended up attending a local Zumba class with a friend and fell in love with exercise. I would go 3-4 nights a week and sometimes stay for 2 classes. It was my escape. I dropped weight even though I was still eating terrible and smoking.  Not long after, I got pregnant with my first and only child. Luckily, I only gained 12 lbs throughout my pregnancy, but that 12lbs after birth stayed in my most troublesome area; my tummy.

Stress set in, as it does with all "new" moms, and I still wasn't taking care of myself as I should. I was trying to eat healthy because I was breastfeeding but looking back it really wasn't healthy at all. I had stopped smoking when I found out I was pregnant and did not return to it until my daughter was 3 months old and I had stopped breastfeeding. I didn't want to stop feeding her breast milk but at the time I was at either the ICU, a nursing home, or a rehab center as my mom has suffered a debilitating aneurysm. I ate on the go or did not eat at all. I smoked a pack a day and just felt like crap still.

A few months later I saw a contest being advertised on a local news station's website. It was a Biggest Loser style contest with the prize being $1000. In my mind I thought I only had to lose about 10 lbs (I was 175 at the time and 5'4). I entered and ended up being picked. At 175 I was the lightest of the group. This ended up working against me. I came in last place but got few goodies and a gym membership.  I ended up posting about this on Facebook and the Zumba instructor I had loved visiting approached me about joining her fitness challenge group and trying Shakeology.  I thought, no way. I had tried hydroxycut in the past. I had tried cleanses. I had tried teas. I tried XYZ and I was NOT going to pay that much money for something. Well, my mind changed. I bought Insanity off of Craigslist and bought Shakeology through her. I think I made it about 10 minute through the 60 minutes of Insanity and quit. I tried day after day but couldn't get into it.

What I could get into though, was the support of the group I was in.  I looked forward to hearing what others were doing. I looked forward to chiming in and helping others feel the way they were making me feel. I still would go to the gym and bust my butt for a few hours with little results. I started paying attention to what I was eating but not 100%. I could not longer afford Shakeology but I still stayed in the group.  My coach approached me about coaching in order to get the discount and help motivate people here and there since I did so much of it in the group. Again, I blew it off not having any interest at all but then I thought about how Shakeology made me feel and I was seeing the successes of other coaches and how happy they were. I signed up. July 2013. Note* I didn't make my first sale until April of 2014. Yep!

Again I ordered programs with my discount but never completed them. T25 was amazing but I quit half way through. Then it all CHANGED! I was slowly introduced to other coaches on our team and I heard about this quarterly event in Pittsburgh for Beachbody Coaches. There was a free workout. It was the first week of January 2014 and by that point I had climbed to 189 lbs. My daughter was 2 and I was lacking energy. My mom still wasn't walking and it hit me. If I can STILL walk and move, I need to make the most of it. I need to set a good example for my daughter as well.

I went to the event and never looked back. I went to the event thinking I would just do the free workout and go back home and make a plan to somehow lose this weight. What happened was totally different. I left the event feeling inspired and ready to tackle my own demons and help others tackle theirs. I started T25 from the beginning and FINISHED it 2 months later. I continued with the 21 Day Fix and lost a total of 30 lbs and a ton of inches. Here are the first before and afters I ever posted on social media. I have kept the weight off since and am working on losing more body fat. I am not at my goal but I am finally feeling human, finally feeling proud of myself, and finally feeling fulfilled.

Not only was the weight loss a bonus but I have made countless friends, reconnected with old friends, became an instructor (insane right?), helped close to 100 people find more confidence and get health, quit smoking after 10 years, and have gained a whole new appreciation for clean eating. I am raising my daughter on a healthier path and she even joins me in workouts on her own terms (I never force her hahah often times I have to tell her to stop).

I never could have predicted any of this. You know when you hear the phrase..If I can do it, you can? That phrase is actually true. Me. ME of all people. If I can do this you 100% can. XOXO