Shakeology Shake 1-2x per day
Detox Baths As Needed (Essential Oils, Epsom Salts)
A-L lyme tincture 10 drops x 2 per day
Flagyl 2x per day on week 4 of month
Zithromax 2x per day
Lactoferin 1-5 tablets 1 week with 5ml Xylitol for 1 week out of month to destroy biofilm
malerone (anti malarial for the babesia) 2x per day
celexa 40 mg 1x day
wellbutrin 1x day
liquid burbur as needed
liquid pinella as needed
liquid parsley as needed
vitamin  c 2x day
jarrow probiotic 3x per day
sbc 2x per day
b6 300mg 1x per day
zinc 50 mg 1x per day
p5p 40mg 1x per day
vitamin e 400 iu 1x day then 200 iu 1x day
methione 500 mg 1x per day then 1000mg 1x per day
cal mag 1000/500 1x per day then 500/250 1x per day
samE 400u 1x per day
vitamin d3 5000u 1x per day
b 12 tab 1x per day
artemesisin 3 pills 3x per day

14 days of doxycycline
21 days of minocycline
5ml x 2 Mepron ($1500 yellow paint medicine)